• The Importance of Collaboration

     What a busy semester it's been for the Women's Film Initiative! After a nice spring break, WFI came back with a focus -- sharing our work. It is too often that we shy away from putting ourselves on the line and getting feedback on the work that we hold closest to our hearts. One of the hardest things about this at Berklee is that everyone around us is full of so much talent, so how do we convince ourselves that our work is just as valuable as the next person's? Of course, there is always room to grow and I encourage everyone to learn from their peers and use them as inspiration, not intimidation, but how can we accomplish this?  

    So as a one year anniversary present to WFI, we set out to find an answer. In our meeting, six women shared their work (some more willingly than others) and I can say with confidence, ALL were great. The very next week at Emerson's Women in Motion meeting, we watched about six of their members show films they had worked on, and I noticed a slight difference in attitude from them...they were all EAGER to show their work - even the films they weren't proud of. They screened films from freshman year that they laughed at together because they had grown so much since then. 

    I was astonished and delighted to see this and asked myself "why were they so eager to show their
    films, while many women at Berklee wanted to hide their music?" I came to one possible conclusion. The TEAM.  


    As young composers, it's easy to lose that sense of teamwork, since music teams don't come until
    later on in our career, and we are usually the last piece of the film. Filmmakers, as we saw at Emerson, can share in the experience of making a film together, bouncing ideas off each other and gaining confidence in their project through the support of other people.

    Now just because this is the way things have been, doesn't mean they have to stay that way. I encourage all composers and film makers to COLLABORATE with each other. Work with live players, have a friend help orchestrate, write beautiful music together, make strong films, and enjoy the process, so we can enjoy the end product! 

    - Jess Disraeli