• Happy Anniversary WFI!

    Just a few days ago on March 27th, marked the one year anniversary of the Women's Film Initiative. At that point, I remember being amazed that we even had a dozen women involved in the film scoring department, since I had only seen and met maybe five in my three years at Berklee. Today, I am proud to say we have grown to reach over one hundred and fifty women in film at Berklee and Emerson.

      Those of you who knew WFI's co-founders, Elisa Rice and Leah Dennis, most likely shared my admiration for their dedication and commitment to building WFI from the ground up. They were aware of how important it was to bring light to the gender disparity issue on a collegiate level, giving us a chance to prepare for the unique challenges we'll face, and try to find the root of the problem, so we can restore balance. Since a good portion of our members are female Film Scoring students at Berklee, we’ve been taught to expect such gender imbalances in the field, but our goal is to strengthen and inspire that small community, and build a support system so strong that nothing can stop us. 
    You all have made my job so simple by readily supporting your fellow female filmmakers and composers, and I'm consistently impressed by the talent I see in all of you, and how genuine each and every person in this group is. I can't wait to see what this coming year holds for us! 
    Jess Disraeli
    President, Women's Film Initiative