• Welcome Back! New Leadership

    Welcome back! WFI is returning for the 2015 school year andwe couldn't be more excited! We now are have a Board of Directors- (from left to right) Merissa Magdael-Lauron, Director of Outreach; Natalia Perez, President; Jess Leech, Director of Visual Media; and Victoria Ruggerio, Director of Social Media. This is a big step for WFI, and together we are already taking big strides to get WFI members prepared to tackle on the film industry when they graduate. 

    WFI now has a Mentorship Program! Members can volunteer to become a mentor/mentee based on their specialized skills, in hopes of forming commaderie amongst our members as well as creating a safe learning environment. As our members go off into the industry, they will able to apply these skills with confidence, and adapt to whatever situation comes their way. 

    Stay tuned for more awesome events and updates! Go WFI!

    -Natalia Perez